In a verdant valley with running waters, perennial plane trees, almond trees, orange trees and all sorts of herbs and flowers, there is “Vassiliko”.

Just above the river, which has been living for centuries in the three settlements of Potamia, our guests and friends can combine their coffee, breakfast or lunch with a wonderful walk in nature, far from the problems everyday life.

Our love for the village, customs and customs, local products and traditional cooking, led us to our “Vassilikos” – to do something that we had been thinking for a long time, a reality: To organize cooking lessons for the visitors of our village.

For those who love traditional recipes, we will transfer all the secrets of the cuisine that our grandmothers and mother learned.

The Tavern

One of the most fertile villages of Naxos, Potamia, is the traditional and family tavern “Vassiliko”. “Vassiliko” is “hidden” in the green Lierado, between Kato and Mesi Potamia, next to the river. The fact that it is halfway through one of the most famous hiking trails of the island has […]

The region

The cooking classes take place in Vassiliko, in the area of ​​Lierados, in Potamia, in a green valley, over the river running through the three villages of Potamia (Ano, Kato and Mesi Potamia). It is a heavenly landscape, with running waters, towering trees and fruit trees that fill you with […]

Cooking Lessons

Do you like traditional cuisine? Do you want to learn the secrets of Naxian recipes? How would you feel cooked with the fruits and vegetables you produce yourself? If you are interested in learning about the traditional cuisine of Naxos, Greek food or simply have a passion for cooking art […]